Tired of fighting ? Wondering how to get  intimacy, never mind sex, back into your relationship? Expecting a child and concerned about the impact of parenthood on your relationship? Worried that thriving in your relationship and being a great parent are mutually exclusive? Struggling with fertility and feeling the relationship strain? Book your FREE 30-minute strategy session (either individually or as a couple) with Rhona Berens by emailing Don’t have kids? Click here to learn more about Rhona’s work with individuals and couples without kids.

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Are you and your spouse feeling the strain of parenting and life’s demands on your relationship and on you individually? Looking for fun and effective ways to resolve relationship issues? Tools to improve how you coparent? Strategies to increase intimacy and connection?

Try a complimentary strategy session with Rhona. Relationship Coaching is a confidential, fun and efficient way to reconnect as a couple, resolve challenges, and learn effective tools that you and your spouse will use for years in your personal and professional lives.

Rhona works with couples internationally via phone or online video (or in person in Sonoma County and the Bay Area). Email for more information. Click here to read what couples say about Parent Alliance®.

PAEC is a great antidote to the statistic that 90% of couples report a decline in relationship satisfaction after their first child is born. FYI, most couples think they’ll be among the 10% unaffected by having kids…until they have one.

PAEC is a confidential, fun and fast coaching program for expecting couples who want their relationships to thrive after their baby arrives. PAEC is tailored to your unique strengths and challenges and gives you a dynamic toolbox for enhanced communication, intimacy, conflict resolution, roles clarification and work-family balance to ensure successful teamwork and personal and relationship fulfillment as parents.

Rhona works with couples internationally via phone or online video  (or in person in Sonoma County and the Bay Area). Email to book your complimentary strategy session. Click here to read “the word” on Parent Alliance®.

As if divorce or separation weren’t hard enough, when kids are part of the picture, challenges increase exponentially. PADS helps parents ease the impact of divorce or separation on their children. Parents learn positive communication and conflict resolution tools, establish coparenting guidelines and co-design a parenting plan, and strengthen teamwork. *The term “divorce” is being applied here to unmarried couples in the process of splitting up, or have already split up, as well as married couples who are obtaining a legal divorce.

PADS is confidential, efficient and tailored to your family’s needs. Rhona works with clients internationally via phone or online video  (or in person in Sonoma County and the Bay Area). To book your complimentary PADS strategy session, email

In collaboration with LifeRevolution®, Parent Alliance® has created a family coaching program for parents who want to provide their tweens/teens with additional life-skills’ support, and who understand that for their kids to thrive, parents too need to thrive individually and as a couple/team. Download the FCC  flyer for more info and email to book a complimentary session.

Check out Forte Dreams Coaching for more info on Rhona’s work as an individual coach. Rhona helps clients navigate a range of challenges, including:
Moms-in-Transition: Whether returning to the workforce after staying home, or leaving work to stay-at-home, Rhona helps clients navigate transition.
Work-Family Balance: Juggling personal and professional roles can be daunting. Rhona helps clients find the balance to suit their unique needs.
Relationships: If you want to improve your relationship with your spouse (but he or she isn’t up for doing so with you), or improve your rapport with kids, colleagues or other important people in your life, Rhona helps clients hone individual tools to positively impact relationships.
Email to book a complimentary strategy session.

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