Why An Attachment Pregnancy Can Benefit Your Baby & Relationship: An Interview with Laurel Wilson

Discover how to thrive in your relationship & your parenting!

While there are a million resources to help women and their partners better understand the pregnancy and birth process, few are as knowledgeable and accessible as Laurel Wilson, BS, IBCLC, CCCE, CLE, CLD, CPPI. Laurel’s impressive array of acronyms reflect her decades-long devotion to women’s health and familial wellbeing, a devotion reflected in her co-authored books with Tracy Wilson Peters, The Greatest Pregnancy Ever (2012) and The Attachment Pregnancy (2014).

I had the pleasure of interviewing Laurel and am immensely grateful for her insights about, and advice for, women regarding their physical and emotional health during pregnancy, and for couples about the importance of their relationship health as they welcome a new baby into their lives.

One of my favorite parts of my interview with Laurel focuses on her concept of Conscious Agreement, a way for us to ensure that the choices we make–both individually and in relationship with others–align with our  deepest desires, those that reflect our best selves. The principles that underly Conscious Agreement are key to my coaching with individuals, couples and teams. I found Laurel’s unique take on the concept very informative.

If you’re expecting a baby or considering getting pregnant, I encourage you to listen to my interview with Laurel. To download the interview, click the green/white icon on the audio player. Click here to learn more about Laurel Wilson and her wonderful work. Enjoy!

Discover how to thrive in your relationship & your parenting!

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