The New Science of Relationships: An Interview with John Howard, MA

Discover how to thrive in your relationship & your parenting!

In recent years, discoveries in neuroscience have found a foothold in the media, not to mention in the fields of psychology and life coaching. We’ve heard about the “plasticity of the brain” and the role of “mirror neurons” in mother-child bonding, for example. As a society, we’ve become more aware of how our brains impact us and, as if not more importantly, of how we can impact our brains.

In my recent interview with John Howard, MA, a couples therapist and educator who specializes in the new science of relationship, we explore both the ways in which our brains impact how we show up–or don’t show up–with loved ones, as well as how we can start to tap into neuroscience to improve our relationships with others and ourselves.

John Howard, MA

John Howard, MA

While, on the one hand, John notes that “90% of partner interactions are unconscious”–we’re only aware of about 10% of our communication, which suggests we’re often unaware of what triggers us and what causes us to respond with fear, anger, &/or mistrust with the person we hold nearest and dearest–on the other hand, John reminds us that “relationships can be healing.”

With the healing and transformative power of relationships in mind, so to speak, John offers great tips on how we can positively shift our love dynamics and develop practical skills to increase our connection with spouses (and kids!). Listen to my interview with John Howard. If you’d like to download the interview, click on the green & white icon in the lower right of the audio-player. Click here to learn more about John.

If you’re not an avid listener, but are keen on reading more about this topic, here are two book recommendations:
Dr. Fran Cohen Praver, The New Science of Love
Dr. Stan Tatkin Wired for Love

Discover how to thrive in your relationship & your parenting!

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