Dancing With Our Parenting Ghosts: An Interview with Gabrielle Kaufman, MA, LPCC, BC-DMT, NCC

Discover how to thrive in your parenting & your relationship!

Whether you work with parents and/or kids, you’re about to have a child, or you’re a “veteran” parent, you’ll find something moving and helpful in my recent interview with dance/movement therapist and licensed professional clinical counselor, Gabrielle Kaufman. Our interview begins with a compelling discussion of the impact of inter-generational trauma on our parenting, and Kaufman’s belief (one that’s shared by many practitioners in her field), that “history is carried with us from generation to generation,” and that the “story we never get to tell gets transmitted to the next generation” for good and for bad.

Gabrielle Kaufman, MA, LPCC, BC-DMT, NCC

Gabrielle Kaufman, MA, LPCC, BC-DMT, NCC

Kaufman offers practical tips to expecting couples and parents on how to “dance with the ghosts” from our past—both those we live with from our own childhoods and youth, as well as those from our ancestors—and how to ease the pressure we put on ourselves, and on our partners, as parents.

Kaufman is also a masterful storyteller. She offers compelling metaphors to help us better understand these concepts, which she believes to be so important for new and seasoned parents. She even suggests some great books for kids to help them develop their emotional vocabularies, their ability to “articulate their feelings.”

Not only do I urge you to listen to this interview for the powerful information Kaufman provides, but also listen for the very relatable and powerful stories she conveys. If you’re already a seasoned parent, versus expecting or new to parenting, feel free to fast-forward to 15 or so minutes into the interview, though I’d hate for you to miss the great story Kaufman tells about one new mother’s sensory memory after giving birth to her son. Bottom line: I hope you enjoy this interview, as I believe it’s filled with incredible gems of wisdom for expecting couples, parents and the professionals who support families.

You can listen to the interview here. If you want to download it, please click the green icon in the lower right of the audio player.

Check out Gabrielle Kaufman’s website to learn more about her and her work.

Discover how to thrive in your parenting & your relationship!

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