Motherhood Unlimited

As a blogger, I do my best to live up to one of my grandmother’s pearls of wisdom: “It’s easy to say things. It’s hard to say things that people will listen to.”

Long way a0259ea4-b993-49b7-ab88-4a2b694db5c0of saying–so to speak–that I believe that both interviews highlighted in today’s post are well worth your time. The first is with yours truly  by mom-coach Valerie Friedlander of Motherhood Unlimited, a FREE online event that runs from September  19 to October 11. My interview–“How To Nurture A Thriving Relationship And Why Your Kids Need You To”– airs on September 26. Valerie has put together a stellar group of parenting professionals, all of whom share insights designed to make parents’ (with a special focus on moms’) lives easier and more satisfying. Sign up for the whole interview series at Motherhood Unlimited.

One of my favorite interviews for Parent Alliance was with Austin-based couples therapist, John Howard, who studied with Dr. Stan Tatkin, the author of Wired for Love.

John Howard, MA

John Howard, MA

In John’s work with couples, with a special focus on parents, he applies the latest research in neuroscience to relationship dynamics.  Not only does our interview confirm that John is accessible and informative,  he’s also generous with some great tips for couples to increase intimacy and fulfillment, and better understand the individual baggage we bring to our love lives. Enjoy:  The New Science of Relationships with John Howard.

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