Looking for a dynamic and informative speaker?
Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC, delivers engaging talks, workshops & online courses designed for parents and the professionals who support families. Rhona works with: (1) schools and parent-groups; (2) organizations that train or employ birth, postpartum, community health and parenting professionals; (3) companies and non-profits that support employees’ work-family balance; and (4) divorce and arbitration professionals devoted to their clients’ co-parenting success.

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Fight Right:
Productive Conflict Tools for Parents
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How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children:
Tools to Nurture Parenting & Relationships
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Can We Talk?
Positive Communication Tips for Parents
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The Parent-Coach:
Coaching Skills to Inspire Your Relationship, Your Kids and Your Relationship with Your Kids
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The Kid-Mess:
Tackling Disagreements Over Housework & Childcare

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Surviving the 4th Trimester & Beyond:
Relationship Prep for Expecting Couples & New Parents
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Co-Parenting Through Separation or Divorce:
Prioritizing Children’s Wellbeing Now & in the Future
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Money Matters:
Replacing Financial Conflict with Financial Teamwork
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Work-Life Balance 2.0:
Reducing Parent Stress & Improving the Bottom-Line at Work

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Couples to Parents:
Tools for Birth & Parent Professionals
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Coaching Tools for Birth Professionals
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Professional Development for Teachers:
Preschool Through High School
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Professional Development for Healthcare Employees
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Interested in booking Rhona as a speaker, but don’t see your topic listed? Email Rhona to inquire about tailoring a talk to your needs. If you represent a school or non-profit, ask Rhona about discounts and other special offers.

Praise for Rhona:
“We had the great pleasure of having Rhona Berens speak at one of our Parent Workshops. Being a parent of three, I know how hard it is to take the time to communicate with my husband effectively but after the workshop I used the tools she suggested and was able to notice a huge difference right away.  Rhona’s presentation was fun and interactive. Parents came back the next day saying that they have already started implementing the practices learned.” Renae Plant, Director, Camelot Kids Child Development Center, Los Feliz, California

“Rhona’s workshop was super helpful in identifying and addressing relationship issues my spouse and I have. Having a baby tends to magnify existing issues and create new ones. We now have some tools at our disposal, so that we have a fighting chance in making those trouble areas less troublesome…and understanding each other a lot better in the process!” The Gormans, Los Angeles, California

“We had a great Parent Workshop, where we learned how to best communicate with our spouses, co-workers and children. Rhona was truly remarkable as she helped us navigate our different issues.” Sarah Thomas, Director, Sunnyside Preschool, Studio City, California

Shortly after my ex-husband and I separated, we attended a communication workshop headed by Rhona Berens. We have 2 small children and we knew we needed help in order to have an effective co-parenting relationship. While we always knew communication was important, we didn’t realize HOW we communicate was just as important. What we learned in Rhona’s workshop has helped us to better communicate with each other without anger. As a result, it has not only helped our co-parenting relationship, but our friendship. Our marriage may have ended, but our friendship continues, as does our family bond.”– Stacy Oliver, Los Angeles, CA

“Rhona’s workshop was amazing and very, very helpful. It really provided some important tools for my “doula bag.” Not only was it informative but also entertaining, and the role-playing made it very hands-on. Rhona has been one of the best speakers this year for our organization.” Giuditta Tornetta, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Vice President of the Doula Association of Southern California, and author of Painless Childbirth.

“Rhona is an exceptional speaker and workshop leader. Not only does she bring incredible and updated evidence-based facts, but she also brings humor and a contemporary view on families, raising children and relationships. Her words have brought so much awareness to my practice.” 
Ana Paula Markel, Doula & Birth Doula Trainer, Bini Birth, L.A., California

“The Free Arts for Abused Children staff loved learning from Rhona at our recent staff development retreat. The 2-hour workshop on communication provided us with a shared team-building experience, a common ground to start from as we engage in dialogue with one another, our collaborative partners and hundreds of volunteers. Everyone enjoyed being reminded of communication skills and learning new ones, especially as they relate to conflict resolution.” Annie D. Armbrust, Executive Director, Free Arts for Abused Children, L.A., California

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