Rhona Berens, PhD, PCC, is an Individual, Relationship & Parenting Coach. For an overview of Rhona’s Relationship Coaching experience and training, see: http://www.fortedreams.com/content/relationship-coaching-with-rhona

Rhona helps expecting couples and parents stay sane and stay together, or co-parent effectively when apart. She also assists professionals—e.g., birth and postpartum workers, parenting professionals, teachers—to better care for families and themselves.

Rhona offers parents fun and easy tools for familial wellbeing and parenting effectiveness, and helps prep expecting couples for the profound changes that arrive with a baby. As a Gottman Educator for Bringing Baby Home and a Gottman Leader for The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Rhona knows that teamwork and relationship fulfillment contribute to infants’ and children’s developmental health in crucial ways.

Rhona is a a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, a parent and teacher trainer for TOOLBOX™–a preK-6th grade Social Emotional Learning Curriculum–and a certified trainer for SANITY SCHOOL® Live for Parents–Behavior Management Training for parents of complex children and teens.  She completed coach training at The Coaches Training Institute and The Center for Right Relationship and is credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. Rhona holds degrees in Communications & Media from UCLA & McGill University.

Rhona has been an educator and speaker for more than 20 years and has delivered talks and workshops to parents, teachers, and health professionals in Canada and the United States. Read posts by Rhona at HuffPost Parents, Your TangoEveryday Family, Parent Map, Next Family, and International Maternity & Parenting Institute.

Email rhona@parentalliance.com to book a COMPLIMENTARY individual or relationship strategy session or  inquire about her talks for schools, businesses & other organizations.

“We began working with Rhona before the birth of our second child. We were stuck in individual and collective patterns as parents and as a couple that we knew we wanted to shift as we welcomed another baby into our life. We have learned a great deal from Rhona’s coaching and have developed a more common language that has strengthened us and our ability to problem solve and be more compassionate towards each other and ourselves. Rhona is incredibly skilled at working with our very different personalities and temperaments and she approaches us with an openness that we both value. She also brings evidence-based research into her coaching, which helps to normalize and ultimately navigate how we are in relationship to each other and to our children.”
– Kate & Hardy, Napa, CA

“We had the great pleasure of having Rhona speak at one of our Parent Workshops. Being a parent of three, I know how hard it is to take the time to communicate with my husband effectively but after the workshop I used the tools she suggested and was able to notice a huge difference right away. Rhona’s presentation was fun and interactive. Parents came back the next day saying that they have already started implementing what they learned.”
– Renae Plant, Director, Camelot Kids Child Development Center

Our new baby is now 10 months old. The prep work we did with Rhona was essential.…We had no idea what little tornado was about to hit!
– Patricia & Brian, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“When my clients ask for a referral for couples support, I always think of Rhona. Her insight, compassion and ability to attune to others are at the heart of her work. The care and understanding she provides are extremely helpful and her clients are the better for it.”
– Gabrielle Kaufman, MA,LPCC,BC-DMT,NCC,PMH-C

“I began working with Rhona 6 years ago after meeting her at a workshop where I said: ‘I need help improving my marriage. There is just one caveat, my husband is not comfortable with therapy or coaching. Can you help me?’ Thankfully, Rhona said yes and, last spring, my husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary in Rome.” 
– Valorie, Long Beach, CA

Rhona engages the audience and gives real life examples and suggestions. Her strategies are applicable to work and life. Very informative, relevant and useful.”
– Public Health Nurse, Toronto, ON, Canada

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