Whether you’re expecting your first child or tackling the ongoing stresses of parenting, Rhona has a coaching service to fit your needs. Rhona works with clients internationally via phone or Skype  (or in person in the Bay Area). Email to book a FREE strategy session. Don’t have kids? Check out Rhona’s services at Forte Dreams Coaching.

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Expecting Couples
Parents Looking for Relationship & Parenting Support
Moms and Dads Looking for Individual Guidance
Parents Navigating Divorce or Separation

Committed to being the best parent you can be? Concerned your relationship will suffer after having a child? Coaching is a great antidote to the statistic that 90% of new parents report a drop in relationship satisfaction!
(1) Sign up for the Parent Alliance Coaching ProgramWhat Does Your Baby Need From You? a short & fun program that delivers key parenting and relationship tools to support your baby’s developmental health and your fulfillment as a couple, including how to read and respond effectively to your baby’s emotional cues and how to limit conflict that can negatively affect your baby’s wellbeing.

(2) Coach with Rhona in a way that’s tailored to your unique relationship. Together, we’ll determine topics and takeaways that are most important to you.
(3) Want to prep for a baby but your spouse doesn’t? Coach with Rhona individually and discover how to increase your own and your relationship satisfaction now! Often, it takes just one person to improve your relationship.

Coaching is a confidential, fun and fast way for expecting couples to ensure your baby and relationship thrive after you become parents.  Email for a FREE strategy session.

Tired of fighting ? Wondering how to get intimacy, never mind sex, back into your relationship? Worried that relationship satisfaction and parenthood are mutually exclusive?

Relationship Coaching with Rhona offers a confidential, fun and effective way to reconnect, resolve challenges, improve parenting, and learn practical tools for positive communication and productive conflict that are as applicable to your teamwork with colleagues as to your relationship with your spouse and kids.  Email for a FREE strategy session.

Rhona works with moms and dads individually to offer guidance and support around a range of issues. Here are just a few examples:
Moms-in-Transition: Whether returning to the workforce after staying home, or leaving work to stay-at-home, Rhona helps expecting and seasoned moms navigate important transitions.
Work-Family Balance: Juggling personal and professional roles can be daunting. Rhona helps parents find the balance to suit your family’s needs.
Relationships: For parents who want individual guidance in improving communication with kids, spouses, colleagues or other important people in your life, Rhona helps you develop tools to positively impact your relationships.  Email for a FREE strategy session.

Click here for FREE tips on limiting the impact of divorce on your kids.

Divorce and separation are hard and when kids are part of the process, challenges increase exponentially. Coaching helps parents ease the impact of divorce or separation on their children, and themselves, by learning positive communication and productive conflict tools, establishing co-parenting guidelines, designing a parenting plan, and strengthening teamwork. Coaching is confidential, practical and tailored to your needs. Email to book your FREE strategy session.

Read Rhona’s Bio to learn about her background and expertise.


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